Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Retiremap FAQs

How is Retiremap different from what plan providers already offer?
Instead of just running an analysis based on a participant’s 401(k) account balance, Retiremap provides an independent, holistic assessment by looking at their household situation, non-plan assets, their short term financial goals and what they want to do in retirement.

Retiremap’s approach reflects key aspects of the financial planning process and we’ve developed an engaging online goal setting process that makes it easy for participants to get a meaningful result without having to consult last year’s tax returns or their investment account statements.

The Starter Roadmap PDF exemplifies this comprehensive approach, with custom goal content and financial Ways to Protect Yourself.  Additionally, the online Dashboard gives participants a place to run “What If” simulations, work on the Steps to Reach Your Goal and track their net worth.

As an advisor, will I get a copy of the Starter Roadmap to review with the participant?
Yes, prior to a meeting you’ll be able to access key data points used to build a participant’s Starter Roadmap by logging into the Management Interface and downloading a PDF.

How can I show Retiremap to a plan sponsor?
Send an email to letting us know that you’d like to set up a demo with a plan sponsor and also include some possible dates and times.  Someone from the support team will then get in touch with you and set up the GoToMeeting web-based demo for you, the plan sponsor and someone from Boulevard R, so that our sales team member can walk you through the software and answer any questions that may come up.

How much does Retiremap cost?
You can get more information on pricing by visiting:

Boulevard R will do the following for each Retiremap sign up:

  • Give a 30 minute demo to the plan sponsor, explaining how the software works and answer any questions (if you are an advisor or TPA, we’d like for you to be on the call as well)
  • Once a plan sponsor signs up, conduct at least one webinar for plan participants to show them how Retiremap works and then send them an activation link at the conclusion of the webinar so that they can immediately go and get their own Starter Roadmap
  • Deliver ongoing technical support as needed, including email campaigns to participants

How is Retiremap different from Amp?
Retiremap is designed with plan participants in mind, so while it uses the core Amp engine, it also allows participants to easily request a change in their plan’s auto-deferral rate, as well as connect with their plan advisor and ask for more information about auto-escalation.

Additionally, Retiremap allows the plan sponsor to include custom 404(c) disclosures to help limit a plan sponsor’s fiduciary liability.

Amp FAQs

How does Boulevard R help me get more qualified prospects with Amp?
The Amp marketing team will create a personalized marketing plan for you, with valuable resources and step-by-step guidance, based on best practices gleaned from successful advisors. Our mission is to help you effectively use our software to improve your marketing ROI and attract qualified prospects.

Amp helps you amplify the conversion rates on any marketing campaign with a valuable and engaging call-to-action (i.e. “Know if you’re financially on track?” or “Get ahead with a complimentary Starter Roadmap”). Marketing areas where we help advisors get better results include:

  • Client or Professional referrals
  • Email marketing
  • Online
  • Seminars
  • Social networking
  • Direct mail
  • PR/Media

Additionally, your Advisor Management Interface has marketing resources such as buttons for your website, affiliated professionals’ websites and even client websites. Your Advisor Management Interface also includes marketing collateral that you can easily personalize.

What are the differences between the Advisor and Limited plans?
The main difference is that with the Advisor plan you have full access to contacts’ profile (all the data they entered on your branded Boulevard R software) and contact (name, email, phone number and best time to call) information. With the Limited plan you have access to the profile, but not the contact information, so you won’t be able to see who signed up.

Other benefits of the Advisor plan are that you are immediately alerted to new prospects when they sign up, plus you will receive a copy of their Starter Roadmap. With the Limited plan you only get an email from Boulevard R when the prospect gets a Starter Roadmap, which can be 48 hours later, missing a key window to engage them.

Finally, with the Limited plan, a one-time email campaign for up to 100 contacts is included, while the Advisor plan lets you send up to 150 emails per month. A personalized marketing plan is not included.

How is the Advisor plan different from the Large or Small Office plans?
The difference is primarily branding. The Office plans are branded for a firm or branch, as opposed to the individually branded Advisor plan. For the Office plans, this means that the entire software package, from the search optimized profile to the messaging in the interactive goals process and online Dashboard, are all firm branded.

Opting for an Office branded plan makes particular sense if you have more than two advisors in your firm who plan on using the Amp software. Additionally, with the Office plans, you’ll get a special search optimization service and a list of the most effective keywords which will optimize your profile.

Has this cleared compliance at my broker-dealer?
Boulevard R has received a Final No Comment Letter from FINRA and as of September 2010, Amp had been approved for use at a number of broker-dealers, including (partial list):

  • LPL
  • VSR
  • ValMark
  • Centaurus
  • Investacorp
  • Triad Advisors
  • Commonwealth
  • Capital Analysts
  • Raymond James
  • NEXT Financial Group
  • Cambridge Investment Research
  • Financial Network Investment Corporation