It is fair to say that the founders of Boulevard R have had a long working relationship.

Matt Iverson, CEO
Matt is the one responsible for making sure that Boulevard R’s products help consumers prepare for a secure retirement, while delivering tangible benefits for financial professionals.

Matt created Boulevard R to help people like him, who wanted an independent perspective on how they can reach their financial goals.

Matt’s background is in consumer rights and advocacy. He graduated from UC Berkeley with honors and was the first undergraduate to be awarded a human rights summer fellowship from the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, where he initiated and helped organize a national conference in Zambia to bring street children into the policy-making process. After graduating, he worked closely for several years with one of California’s leading consumer rights advocates who was also the Founding Director/Senior Advocate of Consumers Union’s (publishers of Consumer Reports) West Coast Office.

Jon Iverson, Chairman
After 40 years in business, with 28 of those running his own company, Jon had earned his retirement. As he managed his savings, he started to have questions about the best way to withdraw money from his nest egg. As he and his son, Matt, tried to get answers for his question on his withdrawal rate, he started reflecting on his own experience of how he was forced to educate himself in order to understand his personal finances. He realized that people who didn’t necessarily have the time, resources or motivation to figure out their personal finances on their own could benefit from an engaging independent process.

Jon has worked with Matt to make sure that Boulevard R provides a service that truly delivers value to the marketplace.

Prior to Boulevard R, Jon worked in the corporate world for NCR, Periphonics and DEC until starting his own technology company. He was a service provider to E*Trade and part of a team of five people who helped make the company a success. After a short stint in retirement, he joined a startup as the co-CEO for a born-on-the-web insurance company, InsuranceNow, which raised institutional Wall Street funding and recruited the then CEO of 21st Century Insurance.